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Company Introduction


JOHNSON PRECISION ENGINEERING (SUZHOU) CO. LTD. know as JSPE, specializing in High Pressure Die Casting, High Tolerance CNC precision Machining, Plating, Sub-component Assembly etc.

Established in October 2001, with a total investment up to US$10 million from Singapore investor. JSPE is implementing the latest technology, facilities and quality assurance to ensure the best possible product for our customers.
With the support from our valued customers, we have grown strongly for the last few years and have successfully maintained and improve our technical capabilities as well as application knowledge. This is made possible through consistent staff training and interaction with customers.
In 2006, to cater the market demand we had extended our service with a new JV into die-casting and plating with another total investment of US $20 million.
Factory Lay-out 

Presently JSPE & JCPE(JV)has a total land area of 26,500 square meters consisting of a total CNC Machine shop floor area of 12,500 square meters, Die Casting Workshop of 8,000 square meters all facilities are equipped with approx. 350 CNC Machines,23x Die-Casting machines range from 180 Tons to 2000 Tons and fully equipped with different type of inspection and testing equipments and instruments.

JSPE has some 600 employees with the majority of the key technical personnel like, engineers, technicians specializing in the CNC precision machining, programming, R&D and tooling design having graduated locally from local Technical Vocational Institution and Engineering University . 

Major Equipments




Parameter / Remark

CNC Machining Centre


3 sets 5-Axis (Japan)

20 sets 4-Axis (USA)

177 sets 3-Axis

NC Turning Machine


Machining Dmax=300MM

High Pressure Die Casting





Plastic Injection Machines


130T, 160T,220T,320T PVC/TPFE/ABS

Conventional Machine


Turning / Milling / Grinding / Welding etc.

Turning / Milling / Grinding / Welding etc.



Emergency Power Generator


Total capacity 1000KW

FIPG (4-Axis) Glue Equipment


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